HIPAA Compliance and IT Security Solutions for Covered Entities

HIPAA Notebook

24/7 Help Desk & System Monitoring

Our Solutions include a help desk that actively monitors all systems and implemented solutions, to guarantee support and a plan of action if anything were to go awry. Our engineers and Help desk also act as your first point of contact for any HIPAA Compliance & IT Security questions or concerns. We are dedicated to providing a unrivaled level of support for all aspects of HIPAA Compliance and IT security. 

Encryption & System Monitoring

After conducting the HIPAA Risk Assessment and agreeing upon implementation timelines and service levels, we start by implementing our HIPAA Compliance & Security Solutions to begin securing your practice. Examples of our compliance/security solutions are: email encryption, Antivirus, USB Security, Server Encryption, Domain Controller, HIPAA Compliant Cloud Back-up, Internet Based Fax System, Network Security/Encryption, HIPAA Compliant data storage & access. We can also provide a custom security/support package for practices that need a different set of accommodations. Schedule an appointment to discuss your HIPAA Compliance & IT Security needs today.

HIPAA Compliance 

ephiit's HIPAA Compliance & IT Security Solutions protects our covered entity partners from a myriad of threats that have proven to be harmful and costly. Covered Entities (those handling personal health information) have become much more prone to security threats in the recent years as a result of inadequate IT Security. Business Associate Agreement provided in each package. 

Our HIPAA Compliance Solutions packages guarantee the best tools/measures are assessed, implemented, documented, and monitored.


Managed IT Services

In addition to HIPAA compliance, we provide technical support and assistance with all technology related products used by covered entities. Whether it is encryption, secured access or physical safeguards, our team of IT professionals will take care of your every need.

ephiit's HIPAA Compliance & IT Solutions protects covered entity partners from a myriad of threats that could be potentially harmful to an entire organization. With covered entities becoming more dependent on online platforms, everyone handling any type of personal health information are more prone to threats as a result of inadequate IT support. Our IT support and HIPAA Compliance Solutions are sure to simplify HIPAA Compliance & IT security once and for all by bringing both HIPAA Compliance & IT Security, under the same comprehensive solution.

Recurring Trainings & HIPAA Portal

We provide all our Covered Entity partners and clients with access to our HIPAA Compliance Portal, which was designed to be your first line of defense against HIPAA audits, breaches or disasters. The HIPAA Portal contains information on all implementation processes that were undertaken in your office and details the support, training and reviews provided by our team, and allows for policies & procedures to updated directly from the portal dashboard. 

Following the implementation of our services & solutions, our team will provide covered entities with a choice of either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly trainings to keep up to date with all HIPAA Compliance requirements.

HIPAA Compliance

Let's solve HIPAA Compliance once and for all